Looking ahead with Purpose

Happy New Year 2021!  We all made it – Glory be to God.

The year 2020 was eventful, to say the least. Fraught with shocking occurrences and the outbreak of a pandemic of global proportion, the year 2020 humbled everyone.

For many, a lot of the goals set for the year became unattainable, owing to the prevailing circumstances. Regardless, we must be grateful that we are still here.… Read the rest

Good Tidings of Hope

I rejoice with Christians in Lagos Central Senatorial District, Lagos State and the entirety of Nigeria on the celebration of Christmas 2020.

The Birth of Jesus which we are celebrating heralded God’s salvation plan for mankind and is a joyous one; and even though this year has been challenging, to be witnessing this year’s Christmas celebration is in itself, a miracle.… Read the rest

Give Peace a Chance

I felicitate with Muslims in the Lagos Central Senatorial District, Lagos State and across the Federation on this celebration of the commemoration of the birthday of Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

The weeks in the run up to this celebration have been challenging, commencing with protests calling for an end to Police brutality and extrajudicial killings which degenerated into mayhem and chaos, resulting to loss of lives and property.… Read the rest

My Diamond Jubilee appreciation

My dear friends,

I thank you for honouring God’s faithfulness in my life, for your outpouring of love and expression of goodwill, on the occasion of my 60th Birthday Anniversary, Monday September 21, 2020.

The years have gone by so fast, and God has indeed blessed me with wonderful family and friends, and to Him be all the glory.

Despite my decision not to have an elaborate celebration due to the COVID 19 pandemic, you all showed up for me.… Read the rest

Rise Up and Build

Patriotism is, fundamentally, a conviction that a particular country is the best in the world because you were born in it…
George Bernard Shaw

 I felicitate with the people of Lagos Central Senatorial District, Lagos State, and Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora on 60 years of Nigeria’s independence.

Independence Day is the greatest, most significant day of history for any nation in the world.… Read the rest