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Let’s reflect on the life of Prophet Mohammed (SAW)

I celebrate with Muslim faithful in the Lagos Central Senatorial District, Lagos State and Nigeria as a whole on the celebration of the birth of Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

The birth of the Holy Prophet marks the beginning of the great life of service and teaching which he led. It is a time that calls for reflection on the purpose of his birth, his life, his teachings and laid down tenets.… Read the rest

Nigeria @ 57 – One People

I celebrate with Nigerians at home and in the diaspora on the occasion of our Great Nation’s fifty seventh (57th) independence anniversary. This day fifty seven (57) years ago, we received liberation from colonial rule, deciding like other Nations that self-governance is the way forward.

In the years since then, we have dabbled in military rule, unitary system and now, democratic governance.… Read the rest