Be part of the coming change: Nigeria can still achieve

As Nigeria marks its 54th Independence anniversary, the country sadly remains a shadow of the dreams of its founders. The occasion offers yet another opportunity for us as a people to re-examine our ways and re-commit to being part of birthing a new Nigeria.
It is also a time for us all to ponder on what Nigeria has to show for its 54 years, in terms of development in education, infrastructure, security, healthcare delivery, agriculture along with other areas that touch the lives of millions of our citizens.… Read the rest

Vote for change in 2015, says Sen Tinubu at Town Hall meeting

Former First Lady of Lagos State, Senator Oluremi Tinubu yesterday spoke on the All Progressives Congress (APC)’s vision for change, stressing that a lot of mobilisation and sacrifices must be made to achieve the goal.

She said Nigerians have a unique opportunity to effect progressive change and install a people-centred leadership, in the next general election, in the national interest.

Senator Tinubu said: “As we approach 2015, we have to be watchful, keep abreast of what is going on in the polity and ensure that we repeat the model that Osun has shown us.… Read the rest


My attention has been drawn to the fact that some impersonators have created several facebook accounts in my name with the intention of misleading unsuspecting members of the public.

I would like the public to take notice that my only facebook account is and as such, I urge everyone to disregard invitations emanating from any other account to avoid dealings with impersonators.

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