Be part of the coming change: Nigeria can still achieve

As Nigeria marks its 54th Independence anniversary, the country sadly remains a shadow of the dreams of its founders. The occasion offers yet another opportunity for us as a people to re-examine our ways and re-commit to being part of birthing a new Nigeria.
It is also a time for us all to ponder on what Nigeria has to show for its 54 years, in terms of development in education, infrastructure, security, healthcare delivery, agriculture along with other areas that touch the lives of millions of our citizens.
Our situation is further compounded by the fact that many do not know where the next meal will come from and countless university graduates roam the streets in search of non-existent jobs. No doubt, Nigeria’s situation is quite worrisome.
Nelson Mandela once said that “As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest.”
It is sad that citizens’ dreams of imminent greatness on the eve of independence have been replaced by daily horrors. Millions are internally-displaced as refugees in their fatherland while increasing rates of armed robbery, road accidents, kidnapping and other horrible factors continue to cause much pain for many Nigerian families. Surely, for most citizens, official insensitivity to worsening insecurity, palpable mass poverty and the masses’ daily struggle for survival makes it difficult to partake in celebrations.
In a democracy, there is nothing wrong with seeking re-election, only if the nation’s elected officials are focussed on the interest of the ordinary people. It will not be a selfish quest if it is a people-focussed government that values the interest of the people by creating jobs, implementing social security to take care of the elderly and other vulnerable groups while giving all a true sense of belonging.
It would be appropriate if our nation can now heed the words of Pope John Francis that “Humanity is best served by wealth and not ruled by it.” Therefore, the core of my message is that Nigerians have to make sure that as we approach coming elections, we make a resolute decision to cast our vote for change. For our nation to make progress and rise towards achieving long overdue development that would benefit all, we must vote for only those who genuinely have the interest of the people at heart in 2015.
According to Rt. Hon. Jack Straw, “Corruption is like cancer, it eats away and you do not know when it will kill.” At this point in time, our founding fathers’ dream of a great Nigeria has been eroded by corruption almost to the point of being killed. However, there is still hope for Nigeria. As I have often said, we all have a collective responsibility to make true change a reality and elevate Nigeria to the nation of our dreams. Being part of true change is the only solution.

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  1. Sogaolu Muyiwa Timothy says:

    Despite the condemnation from my group about the next coming 2015 election… I think am going to give a trial this time around to see if this vote of mine will count.. God bless you Ma for motivational words.. God bless Nigeria

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