Senator Tinubu’s Children’s Day Message


SEN OLUREMI TINUBU (14)-1May 27th of every year is a day set side in Nigeria tagged children’s Day. A day that is observed when we acknowledge and celebrate childhood and promote awareness about their welfare.

This year’s celebration calls for sober reflection as we witness the return of many children who are victims of insurgency, abuses, impregnated and now are refugees in their own country.… Read the rest

Nuggets of Wisdom


SEN OLUREMI TINUBU (11)-1Truly, the challenge of this time is leadership, not just in government and politics but also in business, economics, sports, religion, arts, entertainment, media and charity/non-profit etc.

I would like you to ponder on some of the statements from few of the school of thoughts that have influenced my life.

Dr. Myles Munroe in his book “The Power of Character in Leadership: How Values, Morals, Ethics and Principles Affect Leaders” said,

The leaders who have emerged today seem to believe that the primary qualities needed to address our troubled, demanding times are the following: great vision, academic and intellectual superiority; dynamic oratory and other communication skills that have the power to persuade; management expertise and the ability to control others.Read the rest

Senator Tinubu congratulates workers

SEN OLUREMI TINUBU (20)-1I join other Nigerians to felicitate with Nigerian Workers as they mark National Workers Day. Nigerian workers have formed a formidable force in the growth of our nation with their commitment to duty. I salute the courage and appreciate the immense contributions they have made. And as Nigerian Workers mark the workers day they must be proud of their contributions. As a nation we must continue to acknowledge and celebrate their selfless service and their overall contributions to the development of Nigeria.… Read the rest