Unity a Bond of Perfection

I hereby express my warmest greetings and well wishes to all Muslim faithful across the country and especially in my constituency, the Lagos Central Senatorial District who would be celebrating Eid-el-Kabir and those performing Hajj this year. As we celebrate this special season and occasion, let us remember it is a time to honour the selflessness, resolve and commitment to God as reflected in the life of Prophet Ibrahim (ASW).
This season is a celebration of the many ways faith can transcend boundaries and unite us under banners of fellowship and love, which is reflected in the exchange of gifts, and alms-giving, especially to the less privileged and those in need.
The significance of the celebration is beyond the festivities but towards a sincere commitment to righteous conduct in our lives and towards fellow humans. Therefore, it is my sincere prayers that the spirit of community, togetherness and compassionate generosity bring good tidings to those celebrating this year’s Eid.
As we collectively confront our challenges as a nation and build a peaceful and prosperous Nigeria, by acknowledging God’s supremacy, genuine love and respect for one another, I enjoin us to remain steadfast to the cause of a united Nigeria.
May the peace and blessings of Allah, happiness, progress and prosperity fill your life and that of your loved ones as you celebrate this day.
Eid Mubarak!
Senator Oluremi Tinubu OON.