My Agenda

Seven years ago, I called on you all to support me in my bid to represent you in the upper Legislative Chamber. I came to you with fresh  ideas, determination to make a difference and a track record of caring for the people. In my first  term, we initiated several projects such as construction of a Drug Rehabilitation Centre, Medical Centre, Market, Schools etc. and empowered several Constituents.

Again, three years ago, I sought your support for a second term. I said that we needed to sustain the people-focused programmes which had been initiated. The second term is almost over, and during this time, we have empowered many more of our Constituents, made our Primary and Secondary Schools more conducive for learning and impacted many more lives through our various initiatives.

Beyond this, there is so much more to be done. I call on you once again to partner with me. I have shown through our Quarterly Town Hall Meetings that power belongs to and rests with the people. This third term is thus, a chance to consolidate on previous achievements.

To ensure that the third term is even more productive, we have set out to focus more on empowering our youth and finding ways to make them self-reliant.


My guiding principles are: Integrity, Fairness, Godliness and Selflessness.


To make laws that will improve welfare, transparency, accountability, good governance; and ensure equal opportunity for all in line with the manifesto of our great Party, the All Progressives Congress (APC)


I am committed to consolidating on promises made during my electioneering campaign; and fully dedicated to providing effective representation through quality and life changing laws such as:

  • Social Security (National Social Security Agency Bill) 2012
  • Employment (Labour Act Cap L1 LPN Amendment Bill) 2012 and 2016
  • Special Economic Assistance to Lagos as a Mega city and Economic Hub of West Africa (Lagos State Special Economic Assistance Bill) 2013 and 2016
  • Equal Opportunities for All (The Police Act Cap 19 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 (Amendment) Bill, 2017)
  • National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) Act Amendment Bill, 2017
  • Institute of Environmental Practitioners of Nigeria (IEPN) Establishment Bill 2017

I am also committed to advocating for people oriented policies and interventions via Matters of Urgent Public Importance, Petitions, Motions, and Points of Order raised in Chamber including but not limited to:

  • Motion on the Apapa Port Gridlock – 25th October, 2015
  • Stop Violence Against Children – May 27, 2016
  • Motion on Urgent Need for the Federal Government to Redeem Local Contractors’ Debts- 28thFebruary, 2016
  • Motion on the Urgent Need to Provide Pedestrian Bridges on Federal Highways – 2nd May, 2017
  • World Environment Day – 6thJune, 2017
  • Motion on the Need to Ensure Affordable and Accessible Mental Health Care for Nigerians – 13thJune, 2017
  • Update on Lead Poisoning in Zamfara State and the Need to Prevent Further Propagation of the Resource Curse Theory – 17thOctober, 2017
  • The Need to Immediately Ban Tobacco Companies from Targeting School Children in Nigeria – 6thFebruary, 2018
  • Motion on Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the need to take Precautionary Measures – 15thMay, 2018
  • World Environment Day 2018 – 5thJune 2 018


I will continue to be a voice for the voiceless and a defender of the cause of the less privileged through Legislative Advocacy.

I assure you of my commitment to ensuring that Constituency Projects and Intervention Programs nominated across my Senatorial District are duly executed and delivered according to specifications and within the specified period.

Effective Representation

I believe that good legislations beget good governance. Thus, I will continue to seek the support of my Distinguished Colleagues to ensure quality Legislations, reforms and policies are introduced, that the Special Economic Assistance for Lagos as a Megacity and Economic Hub of West Africa, Gender Equity and Equal Opportunities and other relevant Bills are reintroduced and passed into law. I will also continue to nominate and facilitate meaningful programs and projects into my Constituency.

Micro Social Safety Net Programmes

I intend to strengthen our Micro Level Social Safety Net Programmes by providing interventions on small and medium scale to the most vulnerable and dependent groups in our Constituency.

Work Experience Programme (WEP)

I plan to introduce the Work Experience Programme (WEP) as an effective approach to building confidence and promoting self-esteem in individuals who have never worked in a formal setti ng before. The idea is to instill office etiquette and work value to improve employability profile. We will also provide incentives to those who embrace the programme.

Youth Empowerment Programmes

I will intensify efforts to ensure our youth are engaged meaningfully  and  constructively;  and  p a s s i o n ate l y s u b s c r i b e d to our National Developmental Plan. I believe that the future is now and as such, a substantial part of our programmes will focus on a quest to further empower the Inner City Youth. I will also commence Business Entrepreneurship Training to provide them with necessary skills to ensure success in business and self-reliance. In light of this, our empowerment activities under PETECS and YESAS will be intensified.

Stewardship Report

Our Town Hall Meeting has remained a positive reference point across board. I will continue to engage and interact with my constituents periodically. However, to allow for more effectiveness, wider reach and broader coverage, I have resolved to hold the Town Hall Meetings annually, in addition to our Annual Elderly Citizens Assistance Scheme ` (ECAS) and our Muniru Muse u12/15 Boys and Girls Grassroots Soccer tournament. This will allow us accommodate our youth-focused initiatives.


We have shown over the years that if we work together, we can achieve so much more. Thus, I pledge to continue to represent the Lagos Central Senatorial District with all my might and to the best of my ability, ensuring that beyond 2019, this constructive relationship keeps working.