2012: Best Wishes for a Happy New Year

Dear Constituents,

I am glad that we made it into 2012. May God comfort and strengthen all those for whom the past year was a less-than-ideal experience. In spite of the prevailing difficulties, as we begin this New Year, let us renew our hope in the possibility of a great future.

Subsisting challenges, including poverty and unemployment, appear to have been further compounded by the removal of fuel subsidy and increasing costs. Yet, we must all keep hope alive. Our struggles for the emancipation of our people and the rebuilding of our society must continue.

As we begin this New Year, I pray that God grants you and me the grace to move beyond the limitations and obstacles in our paths. Indeed, the time to build – for the benefit of posterity – is now. Happy New Year!

4 Replies to “2012: Best Wishes for a Happy New Year”

  1. Ademola Talabi says:

    Amen. please keep the good job up.

  2. Taiwo says:

    Thanks ma may God continue to give u knwleged n wisdom

  3. My is name ojeniyi kehinde monsuru says:

    My is name Ojeniyi Kehinde Monsuru, a student of University of Lagos. I say thank you mummy. May you live long and healthy. (amin). But mummy why do people discriminate the people of disability from an able person, the rich from the poor.

  4. Salau Rafiu says:

    My Distinguished Senator, you are Great.

    More grease to your elbows. Please let education and administrative experience be factors in selection to public Offices for appointment and not favouritism thereby putting round peg in a square hole.

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