May Day Message from Senator Oluremi Tinubu, OON. Vice Chairman of Senate Committee on Employment, Labour and Productivity

Today, May 1 2013, workers in Nigeria are joining their counterparts in some eighty other countries of the world in commemorating a tradition that began in 1886.  After the May 1886 workers’ struggles, we have seen a trajectory of the  triumph of oppressive forces over repressive ones.

I agree with those who assert that growing the national economy for job creation and peoples’ welfare, and appropriately addressing the nation’s monumental development challenges are required to empower the workers and create anb egalitarian society. Yet, workers in Nigeria and the world over remain in constant battle with government and employers for better conditons of service.

Today in Nigeria, gloomy indices of unemployment and poverty are among the prevalent odds facing millions of citizens across our dear nation. On account of this, many have lost hope.
Yet, we must all work hard and sustain hope for a bright dawn. The old and especially our teeming youth who face the hurdle of graduate employment must never lose hope about the possibilities of genuine change and development under a people-focussed leadership.

Our collective resolve matters significantly; so does our individual tenacity against despair. Rather than a prolonged wait for government to create a truly facilitative environment for employment creation, enterprising youth can aspire towards surmounting poverty. I foresee more youth starting small like the proverbial acorn seed and growing into mighty oaks.
Workers of Nigeria do not despair; change will come in due course.