Nuggets of Wisdom


SEN OLUREMI TINUBU (11)-1Truly, the challenge of this time is leadership, not just in government and politics but also in business, economics, sports, religion, arts, entertainment, media and charity/non-profit etc.

I would like you to ponder on some of the statements from few of the school of thoughts that have influenced my life.

Dr. Myles Munroe in his book “The Power of Character in Leadership: How Values, Morals, Ethics and Principles Affect Leaders” said,

The leaders who have emerged today seem to believe that the primary qualities needed to address our troubled, demanding times are the following: great vision, academic and intellectual superiority; dynamic oratory and other communication skills that have the power to persuade; management expertise and the ability to control others. However, time and again, history has shown that the most important quality a true leader should and must possess is the moral force of a noble and stable character”.

Also, he said,

“Character is the cradle of credibility for the leader. Without the element of strong, noble, honourable character, leadership and all its potential achievement are in danger of cancellation. Every leader is only as safe and secure as his character”.

Bishop T. D. Jakes speaking in one of his seminars on leadership, gave 10 commandments of leadership-

  1. Thou shall not lead beyond your exposure
  2. Thou shall not choose your leadership team like you choose your friendship
  3. Thou shall not reward nepotism.
  4. Thou shall not avoid confrontation
  5. Thou shall not over promise and under deliver
  6. Thou shall clearly articulate your expectations
  7. Thou shall not mistake regimentation for revelation
  8. Thou shall not lean forward without updates
  9. Thou shall not lead without listening (to the Holy Spirit)
  10. Thou shall cross pollinate (ideas)

Lord Paul Boateng (House of Lords, U. K.) at the fifth National Prayer Breakfast 2014 said,

“The challenge of this time is the need to revive the stature of Man in Africa and to restore the dignity of Man in the world”

He mentioned that in the quest for right and godly leadership we have to consider the 3 Hs – head, hand and heart.

  • Head represents wisdom
  • Hand represents practical delivery
  • Heart represents sincere and genuine heart.

He further gave four characteristics of leadership as

  • Calling (John 5 v 30)
  • Competence (Exodus 35 v 25-29)
  • Confidence (Matthew 14 v 28-29)
  • Character (that rejects greed corruption and self-

centeredness Psalm 15)


In the conclusion of Dr. Myles Munroe’s book, he said

“The key to living effectively on this earth is to know, accept and apply the Manufacturer’s principles. Comprehending these principles will give us wisdom and following them will make us leaders of character. Everything God made was designed to operate according to principles He had determined in advance.

Also, Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher has this to say-

“Good character is not formed in a week or a month. It is created little by little, day by day. Protracted and patient effort is needed to develop good character.”

Leadership should not be given to people who have not yet been tested and tried.

  • “Nuggets of wisdom” was distributed by Senator Oluremi Tinubu, OON to students of Dansol High School, Ikeja, Lagos at the 6th annual leadership lecture of the school, which held on 16th May 2015.