Let’s protect our children


SEN OLUREMI TINUBU (11)-1May 27th of every year has been set aside by the United Nations as a special day to celebrate children globally. The theme of this year’s celebration is “Stop Violence against Children” speaks to every one of us so audibly.

According to UNICEF, every year, millions of children around the world become victims of untold violence; children in every culture and at every social level face various forms of abuse, neglect, exploitation and extortion.

Child abuse takes place, as we all know, at home, in school, in institutions, at the workplace, where children are engaged in child labour, in armed conflict and insurgencies, where children are recruited as Child Soldiers.  It is sad, that despite strong advocacy put forward over the years, harmful traditional practices such as, early marriage and genital mutilation are still being carried out against children in Nigeria. Child recruitment by Boko Haram insurgents is a cause for alarm, too.

Children are innocent of their birth; hence parents should strive to give children the shelter, food, clothing, love, affection, care, education and vocational training they deserve.

The future is here and now, our children are no longer in the future of this nation but now.  This is who they are and they should all be contributors with us to making Nigeria great.

“Therefore, let us join hands with the government in providing for a sustainable and conducive environment that is crucial to our  growth and development”. Good parentage demands that we look after our children better and in a more protective manner.

Nigerians are tired of reading about all sorts of gory stories of abuse inflicted on our toddlers and minors daily in the news. Mothers should give priority to the safety of their children/minors over petty trading, business or career.

I wish Nigerian children, home and abroad and children all over the world a happy children’s day.