Rekindling Hope

SEN OLUREMI TINUBU (14)-1As we mark Nigeria’s 56th Independence anniversary, we look back with pride and look forward with hope for a better country and a better tomorrow. Nigeria has travailed and survived. Yet, the challenges of developmental growth and uplifting the mass of the population out of poverty remain constant. We know that with dedicated and focused leadership, Nigeria will surmount the obstacles and lift millions of her people from poverty to prosperity.

Nigeria is a country of promise and great potential. 56 years into independence we have come to a point where we must harness all our God given natural endowment and resources to provide security, feed our people, create employment, generate revenue and ultimately advance our society. Our current situation in which we grapple with dwindling oil revenue has opened up great opportunities to explore other areas of production and income. We must then see the opportunities in our present situation and harvest them for the good of our people.

Our founding fathers showed us the way. They gave agriculture a priority and we fed and exported. Because we departed from the agricultural legacy they left us and we have found ourselves without enough to feed our people and to export. Now that we have this chance, we all as patriotic citizens must rally round the present government led by President Buhari to make this revolution a success
In the spirit of this anniversary, I call on all Nigerians to not just persevere but to rekindle their hope in the promise of this great country. I urge that we do not let this temporary pain rob us of the gain ahead. The Legislature, the Federal government and the States are united in our resolve to contribute to the great effort to turn things around.

As we celebrate Nigeria’s 56th Independence anniversary, I call on all Nigerians to remain steadfast in prayer and hard work because gradually Nigeria will be back on its feet again.



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