Education Support

Post-Secondary School Scholarship Scheme (PSSS)

The second phase of the 4 year scholarship scheme commenced with 26 shortlisted beneficiaries from the 13 LGs/LCDAS within the district. This brings the number of beneficiaries under the scheme to fifty-two (52). Each beneficiary received the sum of N100, 000 yearly for a period of 4 years. In addition 624 applicants who did not qualify in 2011 and 39 others that did not qualify in 2015 received grants to defray the cost of books.

Beneficiaries of the Four-Year Post Secondary School Scholarship (PSSS) on the queue to be screened for Scholarship for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Distribution of GCE Forms

Annual Distribution of two hundred and fifty five (255) GCE forms to Constituents.

Muniru Muse U-12/U-15 Boys and Girls Soccer Competition

Annual sponsorship of the Muniru Muse U- 12/U-15 Boys and Girls Soccer Competition from 2012 to date