Rise Up and Build

Patriotism is, fundamentally, a conviction that a particular country is the best in the world because you were born in it…
George Bernard Shaw

 I felicitate with the people of Lagos Central Senatorial District, Lagos State, and Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora on 60 years of Nigeria’s independence.

Independence Day is the greatest, most significant day of history for any nation in the world. It is celebrated once in a year with much enthusiasm and vigour, to commemorate the sacrifice of those who fought bravely to bring freedom for the nation and its prosperity. It is the day that the dreams of freedom from colonial rule of our founding fathers and Nationalists came to realization, marking the start of a new era.

Our experiences in the years that followed – several years of military rule, a civil war, economic boom, return to democratic rule etc. have bound us together, giving us all a common interest and heritage.  If anything is clear, it is that crisis often fosters unity. Like a Phoenix, Nigeria has risen out of every challenge, overcome the odds and thrived, in spite of it all.

And even though there is so much room for improvement, it is certain that in spite of our differences, we can overcome whatever challenges come our way.

Even in the face of the outbreak of the COVID 19 Pandemic, a crisis which has embroiled global economies, we have thrived, by sheer force of will and innovation, defying projections and expectations.

Thus, we must brace ourselves up to face the challenges that a post COVID 19 world may portend, facing the future with renewed hope and zeal; and rising out of the ashes of this pandemic to leave a foundation that those coming behind can build on.

We must continue to be innovative in meeting the demands of these times, showing patriotism, putting Nigeria’s unity first and eschewing all forms of tribal bigotry and religious intolerance. More than ever, we must in our disposition, action and words, show faith in the future of our Country.

Nigeria is a great Nation, blessed with so much potential and resources. Let us be true to her and build a legacy that will transcend time.

Once again, I congratulate you all and wish you Happy Independence Celebrations! God bless Nigeria.

Senator Oluremi Tinubu, OON