Nigeria: A Diamond in the Rough

I congratulate the Government and Citizens of Nigeria at home and in the Diaspora on the commemoration of the commencement of the fourth republic, and the longest chain of Civilian rule our Country, Nigeria, has witnessed.

Twenty-two years ago, we made a choice – a conscious decision to be governed by democratic principles and to uphold the rights of every Nigerian. And while it has not always been an easy journey and has often, failed to meet the expectations of the ordinary Nigerian, there is no doubt that this administration is on the right track to creating the Nigeria we can all be proud of.

I have seen a Nigeria that is a diamond in the rough – resource and culture rich, with vast human capital, and huge potential for growth. We have survived a civil war, various military regimes, civil unrest etc. and emerged on the other side, still waxing strong.

We have witnessed growth in various facets of our nationhood. We have also been plagued by insecurity, and divergent voices speaking against the Unity and Peace of our Nation.

In spite of it all, we must continue to bring to the fore, the diversity and resilience that we are known for, defending her unity, and upholding the honour and glory of Nigeria.

A great Nation is possible and we must continue to keep the faith, believing in the future of our Country, and playing our part to protect the Dignity, Peace and Prosperity of Nigeria.

I congratulate you all once again and wish you a Happy Democracy Day.

Senator Oluremi Tinubu, OON