Wishing all a prosperous 2015

Dear Constituents,
6It is yet another Christmas and another time of festivity as we mark the end of year 2014.

This Christmas like no other, is a special Christmas. Special in the sense that, our nation is at a crossroad, when we are to make a choice of another Leader. I urge all constituents of Lagos Central Senatorial District and indeed all Nigerians not to lose hope that Nigeria can truly be greater.

We have had our challenges as a nation; the year 2014 has been marred by insurgency and kidnappings that have left a trail of sorrow in the hearts of parents of over 200 schoolchildren kidnapped since April. Many Nigerians have lost their homelands and have become refugees in their own fatherland while those not affected by insurgency awaken to the threat of a worsening economy.

In spite of the unpleasant situation, I urge all to remain steadfast in faith and in the hope for a better Nigeria. The challenges confronting us are not insurmountable, because behind this very dark cloud lies a positive aspect.

Many great nations have overcome challenges of war, economic depression and have become stronger because of this.