SEN OLUREMI TINUBU (11)-1Today marks the 55th anniversary of our country’s independence as a sovereign nation. This is also the first since we began to relish the change mantra we embarked upon as a people and nation.

On an occasion like this that celebrates the 55th marriage of different beliefs, ideologies and cultures, we must remember the ‘endless possibilities’ which has sustained this fusion over the years.
Campaign is over, we should all settle down to work and stop the blame games. It is a known fact that we are a country heading for recession – that is if we are not already there.

This becomes necessary for us as a people; we embrace the new ideals, direction and mission presented before us by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, having made the ballot an important instrument to building a safe place for us all.
This is the time to be contributors to this New Nigeria of progress and prosperity, a worthy legacy we want to leave for this generation and the coming ones.

We must therefore turn the burdens, challenges and expectations to ceaseless possibilities.

While we celebrate, we must also offer prayers and support to our leaders and families of those who lost loved ones, at the Hajj, Chibok and to insurgency.

A greater Nigeria is possible.

I wish you all a Happy 55th Independence Anniversary.

Senator Oluremi Tinubu, OON