A new dawn

The last year was eventful for Nigerian democracy, our economy, and all facets of our National Life.

Thus, I felicitate with the Constituents of Lagos Central Senatorial District, Lagosians and all Nigerians on witnessing the First Day of the Year 2020.

A few years ago, the ‘vision 2020’ seemed a long time away. That we are here already is proof that time waits for no one.

Beyond, the start of a New Year, it is a chance to make profound changes.  This New Year is pregnant with possibilities, and if maximized, is a New Dawn for us as individuals and collectively as a Nation.

We must go into the New Year with a new perspective to life in general and the issues that concern Nigeria. In addition, we must exhibit a renewed patriotism and commitment to seeing Nigeria thrive and prosper. 

We must also commit to sanitising the image of Nigeria and Nigerians in the comity of Nations by ensuring that each of us is doing everything to project the right image of us as a Nation.

Beyond these, we must set our hands on the plough, doing as opposed to merely talking. We must, as J.F Kennedy succinctly put it, ask what we can do for Nigeria and actually do it.

Once again, I congratulate you on making it to the New Year and wish you a pleasant 2020, marked with peace, progress and development.

Senator Oluremi Tinubu, OON