Love, the answer in this time

I felicitate with Christians in the Lagos Central Senatorial District, Lagos State and Nigeria as a whole, on the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Easter sums up our faith – the love of Jesus and the power of His resurrection.

The circumstances of the celebration this year are peculiar. Like never before, the world is bound together to deal with unprecedented adversity. This pandemic has revealed that more than ever, none of us, individuals or nations, exists in isolation; and our actions or inactions have a huge impact on one another.

In spite of the lockdown, we must continue to strive to be more like Jesus, lovingly accepting one another, and extending a helping hand to the most vulnerable amongst us. Give love, whatever you can, help the elderly, orphans, widows, and let the love of Christ be evident in your actions.

We must also be united in our prayers for redemption, restoration and healing of our land and the world at large.

However, the best way to help is to obey the directives of the authorities, observe social distancing and strict hygiene, and protect yourself to prevent further spread of the virus.

Once again, I congratulate you all and pray that this Season brings you renewed hope and the glorious joy of His resurrection. Stay safe, pray, and render help where you can.

Happy Easter!

Senator Oluremi Tinubu, OON