Breaking the Bias

I salute and celebrate Nigerian women and our counterparts all over the world on this commemoration of International Women’s Day, 2022. I am proud of the work you are doing to improve the lot of women, and I am especially proud of everyone who in spite of opposition, continues to speak up for us and the causes that affect our gender.… Read the rest

We made it! Glory be to God

I congratulate the wonderful people of Lagos Central Senatorial District, Lagos State and Nigeria as a whole on making it to the year 2022. It has indeed been a long winded journey and I thank God for His grace that has kept us all.

The year 2021 had everyone in shock at the occurrences, disaster and insecurity around the world.

However, it was a relief that COVID-19 vaccines were finally deployed to Countries of the world, prompting lifting of travel bans and relaxation of restrictions.… Read the rest

The vision of a great Nigeria is for an appointed time

I felicitate with Constituents, especially our Christian brothers and sisters in the Lagos Central Senatorial District and indeed, all Nigerians at home and in Diaspora on this joyous celebration of Christmas 2021.

Looking back at the year 2020 and the challenges that 2021 brought with it, to witness another Christmas celebration is  a privilege that we cannot take for granted.

The birth of Jesus which we are celebrating is a fulfilment of what had been written by the Prophets – that the Saviour would be born.… Read the rest

The teachings of the Prophet are lessons in devotion and dedication

I felicitate with our Muslim brothers and sisters in the Lagos Central Senatorial District, Lagos State, and across the Federation on the commemoration of the birthday of Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

The birth, life, and teachings of the Prophet are lessons in devotion and dedication, and indeed, worthy of celebration.

Often celebrated with family, it is a time to as a unit,  profess the Muslim faith to one another, reminding each other of the teachings of the Prophet and strengthening their faith.… Read the rest

Nigeria: A Diamond in the Rough

I congratulate the Government and Citizens of Nigeria at home and in the Diaspora on the commemoration of the commencement of the fourth republic, and the longest chain of Civilian rule our Country, Nigeria, has witnessed.

Twenty-two years ago, we made a choice – a conscious decision to be governed by democratic principles and to uphold the rights of every Nigerian.… Read the rest